Monday, December 27, 2010

Dekoboko kappa-maki

We invited friends for dinner last week. I try to make some norimaki which is very simple japanese food and easy to eat especially for little kids.
I have tried to make this months ago, I remember it didn't come out good.
While I was making,  I asked myself "why I chose to make this????!!!".
I was getting really frustrated and finally gave up!!

Instead of me my husband started to make. Put them down on the cutting board then cut and put back on the plate. They came out  as "Dekoboko kappa-maki" which made me smile. I've never seen such as tall ones, fat ones all mixup...
They should have all same hight and same shape.

I was kind of embarrassed as Japanese but I found out that nobody care its figure.They just said  "good!". Made me feel much better. 

Also my son said to me "nobody is perfect".

I thank my family and friends a lot.

p.s    It was good kappa-maki with siso, indeed!!  You should try!!

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  1. Personally, I find the "Dekoboko" size style much more attractive, as you can tell that it was made by human hands. :^D