Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Look delicious?

I made them as I make real cookies with special clay. I also  colored them myself and squeezed the whip cream.
That was so much fun!!

It seems very popular among women in the big cites but not here in Hamada. I took this class in Hamada, and  Sensei is going to sell lots of items at Yuhi park on the 11th 10am~4pm. Also you can try to make cookie strap  for 300 yen!
 (work shop 1pm~2pm)

Do you want to have your original special cookie strap or a present for your special friend?


  1. Hi!Henneko. This is Gaku, a student in Mr.Henneberry's class. Nice to meet you!
    First I thought these things in photo were made by expert! It smells must be good and looks cute! Especially the hotcake I like.

  2. Thank you for made a comment Gaku!
    I like the pancake one, too.
    It is cute, isn't it!

    usually in the city like Tokyo, they are quit expensive but at Yuhi park event you can buy much less expensive.

  3. They are beautiful. You are so creative,
    I feel hungry looking at them...