Monday, December 13, 2010

Hike with Henneko?!

We went hiking on saturday up to Sankai zan with five kids and Henneko(?).

As we started at the bottom of the hill, a couple of cats came to us and one of them started to follow us, finally on top of the  mountain at the Jinjya.

We felt sorry for him so we gave our snack Manjyu. But he didn't like it at all.

On the way home he went different direction to the woods so we never see him again.

If you see "Hen neko" just say "Hi" for us!! 


  1. Your hike sounds fun. Even though I see it everyday and it is so close, I have never climbed that mountain. I want to climb it sometime.

    Yesterday, I watched a student with a cell phone almost step on a cat. Fortunately, the student looked up at the last second and saw the cat sitting in the middle of the walkway. I wonder if it was 'henneko'.

    Recently, there are many strange cats around campus. Do you name them all or just call them all 'henneko'?

  2. Even if I name each cat, I have such a bad memory !! I can't remember at all...

    It is always mix up when I call my son's name, daughter, husband and pets.....