Monday, December 27, 2010

Birthday present for Daddy !!

Kids made them for their Daddy's birthday.
In stared of plying game, I thought this would be good for them.  
I love making such things myself so I enjoyed a lot.
Kids are so quick to learn things.  
My daughter prick her finger with a needle many times but it was't that bad. My son learned "blancket stitch" (see the yellow sides), also he learned some basic things such as tie a knot with two fingers.At the beginning he couldn't do that but he kept doing it over and over,he finally made it !! He was so happy!!

I love this moment. Their eyes are sparkled with confident and satisfaction.


  1. Nice present! My birthday is November 4th. Please tell your children.

  2. Well, I teach Kai how to make it.

  3. Sounds great! His little fingers would be really good at it, I think.

  4. Have you been up to any more arts and crafts recently?

  5. Hi, Henneko san!
    Ahh... this is a very nice post :)
    I like it♪
    Daddy must have been so happy with these sweet gifts.